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Elder law is a very specific area of law. At Skipton Law, our Colorado elder law attorneys focus on these types of legal issues and litigation. Skipton Reynolds heads this law firm, having begun his career by specializing in Estate Planning in 2008. Located in Centennial, Colorado, his organization practices all- encompassing facets of these cases providing excellence in services, including:

  • Long-term care planning
  • Guardianship/Conservatorship
  • Retirement
  • Medicaid
  • Assisted Living protection of assets

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Statistics about Elder Americans

The number of elder Americans in their 80’s that have at least three disabilities is a whopping 41% according to the latest statistics. These numbers grew exponentially in the last 20 years. We hypothesize this is due to technology and medical progress for allowing for more accurate identifications and diagnoses of a cross-section of diseases. What are some disabilities included in these figures? They include vision and hearing impairment, cognitive difficulties, abnormalities in the brain, ambulatory issues, self-care and other issues affecting one’s ability to live independently.

More Americans are now living longer lives. Thus, seniors who are unable to live by themselves or are critically disabled and need constant attention, rose sharply. While many elder care communities are of good quality, that is not the case everywhere. There have been ample lawsuits filed regarding negligence, physical abuse, neglect, and financial abuse. When the guardianship of an elder turns to administrators of the care facility, then protection of assets is a grave concern.

Holistic Approach by a Colorado Elder Law Attorney

It is imperative within the elder care profession to innately have a holistic approach when working in this specialized field. This is especially necessary because their clients’ quality of life depends on it. Our elder law attorneys have a true understanding of the real problems seniors today face: housing, health, financial protection and other issues that affect vulnerable seniors. We often work with professionals in the social services department as well as medical profession to build cases.

The ability to work well with the family in all areas of the individual cases requires an empathic approach on the part of the attorney. Legal issues involving elder law might involve family members, which brings a myriad of especially sensitive and difficult situations. Legal actions may also involve financial organizations or care facilities involved in monetary, physical or emotional elder abuse. One out of every ten seniors experiences some form of abuse or neglect.

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