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CIRCULAR 230 DISCLOSURE: Any statements regarding tax matters made herein, including any attachments, cannot be relied upon by any person to avoid tax penalties and are not intended to be used or referred to in any marketing or promotional materials to the extent this communication contains a tax statement or tax advice, Skipton Law does not and will not impose any limitation on disclosure of the tax treatment or tax structure of any transactions to which such tax statement or tax advice relates.

9.5.20 – “Issues With Real Estate.”

8.29.20 – “The Consequences and Costs of Procrastinating”

8.22.20 – “Jason Roll with The Wealth Store Talks About DebtFree and Tax Free Solutions, and How You Can Save Money and Get Out of Debt.”

8.15.20 – (REPLAY) - “The Secure Act and How itWill Affect the Taxation of Your Retirement Accounts.”

8.8.20 – “Whether Your Plan is Simple or Complex, YouMust Integrate Your Assets Into Your Estate.”

8.1.20 – “How Children are Sometimes Predators to Us andOur Estate.”

7.25.20 – “Kids and Their Nefarious Actions.”

7.11.20 – “Terrie Cooper of Equity Colorado Real Estate Joins Us to Discuss the Unique Issues of Selling a Property After Someone Has Passed Away.”

7.4.20 – “The Issues of Estate Planning for a Blended Family.”

6.27.20 – “Crisis and Pre-Planning for LTC Costs.”

6.20.20 – “The Difference Between Having Just an Estate Plan vs. Having Your Voice and Planning Inside of Your Estate Planning Documents.”

6.13.20 – “How Often Should You Review and How Should You Store Your Estate Plan.”

6.6.20 – “Issues of Owning a House Lived in by a Child.”

5.30.20 – “Common Mistakes People Make with Their Real Estate.”

5.23.20 – “Why You Need POA’s and Other Living Documents.”

5.16.20 – “Mistakes People Make Regarding Mortgages.”

5.9.20 – “You Never Know When Your Time Is Going to Come Up.”

5.2.20 – “Naming Your Decision Makers”

4.25.20 – “3 Parts to an Estate Plan: 1. Get a Plan 2. Integrate Assets 3. Maintain Integration”

4.11.20 – “Remote Notarization Using Online Video Tools”

4.4.20 – “Real Estate and Leaving It to Family or a Child.”

3.28.20 – “Get Your Estate Plan Done the Way You Want in Light of the Coronavirus.”

3.21.20 – “Do It Your-Selfer’s.”

3.14.20 – “Do Not Procrastinate!”

2.29.20 – “Documents in Place vs. Planning in Place.”

2.22.20 – “Different Types of Trusts.”

2.15.20 – “Outright Distributions – Simple Right?”

2.8.20 – “Differences Between Documents.”

2.1.20 – “The Secure Act and How it Will Affect the Taxation of Your Retirement Accounts.”

1.25.20 – “Top 10 Medicaid Mistakes”

1.18.20 – “How Family Can be a Big Predator to Your Estate.”

1.11.20 – “Protecting Your Estate from the SECURE Act.”

1.4.20 – “ The Issues with Leaving an Inheritance to Another Person to Hold for a Loved One”

12.28.19 – “The 3 Main Components to an Estate Plan”

12.21.19 – “The Importance of Integrating Assets into Your Estate Plan”

12.14.19 – “Types of Trusts; Testamentary Trusts, Revocable Living Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts & Asset Protection Trusts”

12.7.19 – “Beneficiary Deeds - The Warnings and Things to be Wary of, as Simple as They May Seem.”

11.23.19 – “Differences Between Documents”

11.16.19 – “Protecting Your Estate from the New Estate Tax”

11.2.19 - Special Needs Planning - If You Don’t Currently Have a Beneficiary That Has Special Needs, You Still Need to Have Provisions for it in Your Estate Plan.

10.26.19 – Gifting - Before You Give Something Away You Need to Know the Rules and Consequences.

10.19.19 – Blended Family Issues and How to Take Care of a New Spouse While Still Planning for Our Children in the Event of Our Death.

10.12.19 - Disinheriting an Heir and the Wrong and Right Way to Do It.

10.7.19 – Beware of the “We Can Do that Syndrome”

9.28.19 – Protecting Your Assets from Long Term Care Costs

9.21.19 – Asset Protection and the Many Ways to Protect Your Estate

9.14.19 – Juliana Young and Amy Lane with Home Care Assistance Will Be Joining Us

8.31.19 – The Consequences and Costs of Procrastinating

8.17.19 – Integrating Assets into Your Estate Plan

8.10.19 – Common Myths Surrounding Wills and Trusts

7.20.19 – How To and Not To Avoid Probate

7.13.19 – Little Known Asset Protection Trust called an iPug

7.6.19 – Blended Family Issues

6.29.19 – Types of Trusts.

6.22.19 - Avoid estate planning mistakes and save your family time, hassle and money by doing your planning the right way.

6.15.19 – Guest Lily Hotaling from Answers for Senior Care will be talking about how a care manager can eliminate the burden of caregiving resources and give you peace of mind that you or your parents are being taken care of properly.

6.8.19 – The 3 Parts to an Estate Plan.

6.1.19 – The Probate Process and How It Works.

5.25.19 - Understanding What Powers Do What.

5.18.19 – Guest Jamie Sarche with Feldman Mortuary discussing Pre-Planning for burial or cremation.


4.27.19 – DIY Estate Planning Documents and how you may walk you and your family into unintended problems or lack of control.

4.20.19 – Changes to the Veterans Aid & Attendance Program that May Greatly Effect a Veteran’s Ability to Qualify.

4.6.19 – Special Needs Planning. Even if you don’t currently have a beneficiary that has special needs, you still need to have provisions for it in your estate plan.

3.30.19 - Ryan Financial will be talking about what to be doing with your financial accounts here near tax time and how to deal with long term care costs decisions such as to buy insurance or not.

3.23.19 – The 3 Components of an Effective Estate Plan.

3.16.19 – 5 Common Issues that 2nd Marriages, or Blended Families Have in Estate Planning.

3.9.19 - Top 10 Medicaid Mistakes.

3.2.19 – Different Types of Trusts and How They Can Protect Your Valuable Assets.

2.16.19 - Wills vs. Trusts and what are the differences to get to the results that you want.

2.9.19 – The Consequences and Costs of Procrastinating.

2.2.19 – Crisis Planning. How are you going to pay for this?

1.26.19 – More beneficiary issues you need to think about when doing what most consider as a Simple Estate plan through beneficiary designations.

1.19.19 - Beneficiary issues you need to think about, such as a disabled beneficiary, even if your beneficiary is not currently disabled.

1.12.19 - Beneficiary Deeds in Colorado. The warnings and things to be wary of, as simple as the Beneficiary Deed may seem.

12.29.18 – The Value of a Will and Powers of Attorney

12.8.18 – Ryan Financial will be talking about things to be doing with your financial accounts before the end of the year.

11.24.18 - 10 surprising estate planning mistakes

11.17.18 – Specialized trusts -how to protect your assets from unexpected long term care costs.

10.27.18 – Crisis Planning. How are you going to pay for this?

10.13.18 - Types of taxes in Estate Planning

10.6.18 - Massive changes are coming to the VA Aid & Attendance program.

9.29.18 – Ryan Financial will be talking about the importance of the distribution phase of your money in retirement and how to ensure that your accounts work with your estate plan and must be maintained.

9.22.18 – Today we will be discussing the difference between a revocable trust, irrevocable trust and an asset protection trust.

9.15.18 - Bret Padilla will be joining me us to discuss Medicare

8.25.18 - Ryan Financial will be talking about issues with Beneficiary Designations and Financial Powers of Attorney they see in their offices.

8.18.18 – The Importance of Having Powers of Attorney

8.4.18 – Powers of Attorney and Beneficiary Designations

7.28.18 - Discussion about Beneficiary Designations

7.21.18 – Ryan Financial - talking about retirement income

7.7.18 - 10 surprising estate planning mistakes

6.30.18 – Making sure your personal belongings get to the right people the way you want and solutions to try to mitigate issues between kids over your stuff after your gone, so that your plan works and is simple like most people want.

6.23.18 – The pitfalls of family or Power of Attorney writing checks to self. If not done correctly, it may cause unintended problems at a later time.

6.16.18 – 96% of estate plans don’t follow their directions because of lack of integration and maintenance of the plan. I will be talking specifically about how to make your assets work into your plan at the right time.

6.9.18 – Bob Ryan and Erik Anderson from Ryan Financial will be on the show to talk about Roth IRA’s and how it can be beneficial to your portfolio and your estate to have these in your asset pool, so that your family may pay less in taxes and have more flexibility in the future.

6.2.18 – The 3 steps to estate planning and maintenance.

5.26.18 – Crisis planning and how are you going to pay for it? How to help pay for long term care costs by using veteran benefits and Medicaid so that your family doesn’t lose everything or leave a spouse destitute because of the care costs of their ill spouse.

5.19.18 – Specialized trusts can give your family options, choices and control to protect your estate both during your life or after your passing.

5.12.18 – How procrastinating to get an estate plan in place or updated can become an expensive endeavor and become a big burden on your family.

5.5.18 – Digital Assets. You may not realize it, but all of our iclouds, emails, social media, etc. are digital assets and may have value to us or our family and we need to empower them to access them in our Estate plan.

4.28.18 – Long Term Care and why people don’t buy it, similar forms of insurance that we all buy, and how the price of not having it may be so much greater than the cost of the premiums.

4.21.18 – Tax Talk. In particular, estate tax, gift tax, capital gain tax and income tax.

4.14.18 – Wills vs. Trusts and the differences between them. Also, the mistakes people make to avoid probate when maybe they should let the assets go through their Will.

3.31.18 – Special guest Marion Mauro from Morningstar Senior Living at Ridgegate in Lone Tree will join us. We will be talking about respite care in a senior living community so a care giver can go on vacation, or even allow mom or dad to try out senior living to see if they would like it or not, as well as day programs available and questions to ask your Dr. when they are recommending care for your loved one.

3.24.18 – Christina Backhour from New Dawn Memory Care in Aurora will be joining us today. We will be talking all things long term care in communities or at home, such as questions to ask when touring, the different levels of care and who should be involved in choosing a care community

3.10.18 – Wills, Trusts & POA’s

3.3.18 – Protecting your IRA and the 5 most common IRA mistakes

2.24.18 – Part 2: 10 big mistakes that people make surrounding Medicaid. What those mistakes are and how we can help you avoid them.

2.17.18 – Part 1: 10 big mistakes that people make surrounding Medicaid. What those mistakes are and how we can help you avoid them.

2.10.18 – Family members making transactions on behalf of a loved one, whether under a POA or not, and the issues of paying yourself to then pay that loved one’s bills.

2.3.18 – We will be talking about caregiving by family members, the pros and cons of it, as well as potential pitfalls that can cause public benefit qualification issues or family strife. We’ll also be talking about when a family should be looking at planning for public benefits so you don’t wait too long.

1.27.18 – If your estate plan was done prior to 2010 you likely need to update your plan. We will be discussing specifically changes to the Financial POA, Living Will, and outdated tax and planning techniques.

1.6.18 – How to proactively plan to not run out of money, as well as the real costs of not having a Long Term care policy and questions to ask about your policy if you have one.

12.30.17 – New tax changes for 2018 and how it effects the estate tax, the gift tax, and the opportunities it may present to control the taxation of your retirement accounts so that money can be better protected from long term care costs as well as simpler for your beneficiaries.

12.23.17 – How to make it easy on your family after you die, as well as issues with mortgages after we die and how to avoid them.

12.16.17 – The pitfalls of doing your estate plan yourself, which can end up costing your family hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

12.9.17 – Jill Lorenz from Summit Resilience Training will talk about how to recognize dementia in our loved ones as we see them over the upcoming holidays.

12.2.17 – Trusts, in particular trusts that can protect your assets during your life.

11.25.17 – Probate and its process. What is it, how does it work with a Will and without a Will, as well as misconceptions about how your Will works with your assets.

11.18.17 – Financial Power of Attorney and who to choose, what the duties are, and how you can get in trouble easily. As well as how the financial institutions look at and work with these documents.

11.11.17 – How Revocable Living Trusts can be powerful for you during your lifetime, as well as how they can simplify the estate process and protect your assets after you have passed away.

11.4.17 – Myths around Veterans Aid and Attendance to help pay for LTC, what the true requirements are and exceptions that can help someone qualify without going completely broke.

10.21.17 – Brady Mullen, with Capital Resource Group, will be talking about how to life insurance can be a very tax efficient and effective tool both during life and after death.

10.14.17 – The proposed tax bill by President Trump. How it may create opportunities to protect more of your estate, or how it may add taxes to your estate.

10.7.17 – Phil and Lily Hoteling with Answers for Senior Care will be talking about how to assess the care needs for your family and signs of such needs, as well as once your family has decided that they need to move into a retirement community, how to go about finding that right place.

9.30.17 – The importance of having a living will, what it does, what it doesn’t do, when it comes into play, the 5 wishes document and its role and much more.

9.23.17 – Senior Real Estate Specialist, Carolyn Gensler, will be talking about considerations when downsizing, how to prepare your home to sell, and how to find the right real estate agent to help you sell your house.

9.16.17 – Long Term Care Specialist, Ray Smith, will be talking about the different types of long term care insurance.

9.9.17 – Moe Aduan from Royal Bookeeping and Accounting will be talking about taxes such as gift, estate taxes, tax deductions available and how to think ahead when tax planning.

9.2.17 – Special guest Jamie Sarche from Feldman Mortuary will be talking about the importance of planning ahead when it comes to funeral, burial and cremation planning and how it helps your family in so many ways.

8.26.17 – The importance of beneficiary designations on your financial accounts to ensure your estate plan works the way you want.

8.19.17 – Stats on how much baby boomers have saved for retirement, how much on average they get in monthly income from social security, how this is a big problem and how to protect it from long term care costs.

8.12.17 – Irrevocable Trusts that can protect and give you control of your assets.

8.5.17 – 10 retirement stats that will blow you away plus Revocable Trusts and the things you may never have considered as a predator to your estate.

7.29.17 – Marion Mauro from Morningstar at Dayton Place talks about what things to think about when choosing a senior living community.

7.23.17 – Wills and Trusts. The pitfalls of not having a Will when you die, common misconceptions of how the Will controls assets after you die, as well as a discussion on Trusts and where they have a lot of value

7.15.17 – 10 Tips for How to Care for an Aging Loved One with special guest Senior Care Advocate Cindy Koch from Always Best Care Senior Services

7.8.17 – Busting Myths Around Spending All of Your Hard Earned Money on the Ever Increasing Cost of Long Term Care

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