How Do I Find an Estate Planning Attorney?

Depending on your unique situation, developing an estate plan can quickly become a complex process that requires knowledge and experience to determine the planning strategy best for you. You want a lawyer that you can trust to take the stress out of the process, and finding one does not have to be complicated. Here are tips about how to find an estate planning attorney near you.

Search Online for a Local Estate Planning Attorney Near You

An easy way to start looking for an estate planning lawyer is to search for one online. Google search results will provide you with suggestions based on your geographic location. For example, if you are located in Centennial and you search for “estate planning attorney” or “estate planning attorney near me,” then Google will pull up a list of Centennial estate planning attorneys near you.

Check for Client Testimonials and Reviews

A great way to learn more about how an estate planning lawyer interacts with his or her clients is to read past client testimonials and reviews. Estate planning is a personalized process. You will be sharing sensitive information with your attorney about your financial situation, wishes and goals. You want to ensure that the attorney’s past clients have had positive experiences.

Check the law firm’s website for highlighted testimonials. You can also check local listings, such as Google My Business and Yelp.

Referral From Friends and Family

Do you have close friends or family members who already have an estate plan in place? Ask them if they recommend who they used for their estate planning needs. How was their experience? You may be able to find a suitable attorney this way. However, we do recommend that you do your own due diligence before making a final decision.

Referral From Past Attorneys in Other Fields

If you have used a different type of lawyer in the past, you may also ask him or her for a referral. He or she may be able to point you in the right direction of an estate planning lawyer. While this is a great start to finding the right attorney for you, again, we do recommend that you do your own research before selecting an estate planning attorney.

Call Your List of Potential Estate Planning Candidates

Once you have a list of a few potential estate planning lawyers, consider reaching out to each one of them directly. Calling a law firm can help you understand the firm’s intake process and how it operates. It also gives you a chance to ask a few questions to help you select an estate planning attorney. A few questions that we recommend asking include, but are not limited to:

  • Is the primary focus of your firm estate planning?
  • How much experience do you have in developing estate plans?
  • Do you provide periodic reviews of my estate plan?
  • Who will be my main point of contact?
  • How do you communicate effectively with clients?
  • How do your attorney fees work?

Schedule a Consultation With Our Centennial Estate Planning Lawyer

Contact Skipton Law, LLC to learn more about our estate planning services and how we can help you develop a comprehensive estate plan. During a consultation, we can also answer any questions you may have. To schedule a consultation with our Centennial estate planning attorney, call (720) 770-3880 or use the contact form on our site

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