How a Qualified Expert Helps in the Application Process

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This is a 10 part series on mistakes that people make surrounding Medicaid

Failure to have qualified experts assist you through the application process

Here in Colorado, you CAN apply for Medicaid on your own. But SHOULD you? Do you understand all of the rules of Medicaid? Do you understand when you should apply, when you shouldn't apply, and what you can do with your money to protect it? Do you understand all of the different exemptions for an individual vs a couple? These exemptions are not simply given, you must know about them and request them in the application process.

If you don't have an expert assist you in the application process, there is a high likelihood of being approved but with consequences that you didn't want. Medicaid can be summarily denied because of errors in the application process.

Hiring a qualified expert to help you have a better understanding of what this process is can save you time and money.

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